SAT Scores (aka, My Buddha) december. I’d characterize yesterday as an epically bad day in my 46 years of life, and even though the turmoil had nothing regarding the SAT, my December scores did not help.

 Yes, I do recognize (intellectually) that I should feel happy about my Reading and scores that are writing but honestly, that Math score feels crushing, like a bully. Today, well, we’m trying to see it as my Buddha. The worst part was telling my son. I swear to you, he looked like he truly[…]

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Writting An Essay – Why was the tax deadline moved for 2016 Why was it moved? This year the tax deadline has been extended by three days. This is because of the unexpected overlap of both federal and state holidays. When is it moved to? April, 16th is normally Emancipation Day, an official holiday for[…]

Antigua and Barbuda to Seek help from WTO further in US gambling on line conflict

 The government of Antigua and Barbuda given a statement to congratulate Calvin Ayre fleetingly following the betting entrepreneur saw all felony expenses introduced against your of the people dropped. Mr. Ayre had been indicted because of the area of Maryland people attorneys back in 2012 for violating everyone rules and offering local players with[…]